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The real pesto genovese sauce. No compromise, high quality, no preservatives.

Pesto sauce is the second most sold sauce worldwide. It has no need to be introduced.
Brilliant green coloured, creamy and perfect for an incredible number of recipes, it is offered by "compagnia del Pesto Genovese" in several sizes, with one simple costant: the top quality.

The "Compagnia del Pesto Genovese" cares saying some peculiar features of its own product:

- a studied and misurated recipe following the traditional recipe

- we only use genoese basil P.D.O.

- top quality raw products

- suitable for celiacs (see below)

- artisanally made in a strictly controlled space

The Pesto sauce of "Compagnia del Pesto Genovese" does NOT contain:

- OGM raw or semi-processed products

- preservatives, antioxidant, acidity regulators, jelling agents, stabilizing, emulsifiers, flavour enhancers ( not in the final product nor in its ingredients)

- crostaceous traces

- egg or egg based product traces

- peanuts or peanuts basted products

- nuts or shell fruits traces (pinenuts excluded which are in the mixture chopped and entire)

- pea, lupin and fava bean traces

- gluten traces ( suitable for celiacs certification n° 954/2014 released on March, 4th 2014)

- the Pesto Genovese with P.D.O. basil and the Pesto Genovese with P.D.O. basil without garlic have not been treated with ionizing radiations.

A Pesto sauce with these features looks, smells and tastes in a very unique and unmistakable way.


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